Integrative Therapy for the Body, Mind and Spirit


Links and Referrals

Featured People- Professionals I know and trust

Austino Sacred intimate, tantric teacher and erotic-life coach. Palm Springs, CA and Chicago, IL

John Ballew
  Counseling, Psychotherapy and Coaching. Atlanta, GA

Ian Ellington   Sacred Intimate

Claude Laroche  Personal Life Coach

Maggie Locke
   M.A, MFT. Bioenergetic therapist. Very compassionate and amazing women. San Diego, CA

Jerry Moreau
  M.S.HHP A talented Massage therapist a friend and an invaluable resource over the years.San Diego, CA

Michael Scott
  licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFT, Bioenergetic, Imago therapy. One of the most respectful and wonderful man I know.San Diego, CA

Paul Sussman  
Ph.D Certified Bioenergetic Therapist  as well as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist .San Diego, CA.

Roger Tolle  Practitioner and Instructor of the The Trager® Approach to Movement Education and Mind Body Integration a loving friend and Sacred Intimate. Also at

Joe Weston 
 is a lecturer, facilitator, trainer, coach, consultant and author, and leads impactful workshops focused on Personal Fulfillment, True Power, Respectful Confrontation and Lasting Peace.

Cool Links

Daily Om Great webiste with daily inpsiration and horoscopes.

Sacred Mirrors


Drug Alcohol addiction and Recovery


Smart Recovery

Massage Resource's and Info

Holistic Info Massagre therapy defintion, history, benefits, Contraindications etc..



David Deida

Caroline Myss

Don Miguel Ruiz

Eckhart Tolle

Places and Retreats

Easton Mountain

A very wonderful and beaituful place rich history and offer many workshops and retreats. I love going. Big Sur, CA

Glen Ivy   A nice spa and retreat center. Love the mud baths.

 Retreat Center with a great history. Body Electric hold's many of there intensive here. I have been many time's. Love the staff, food and the grounds are beautiful. Guerneville, CA-Russian River Area

Resources- Info



Schools and Organizations

Body Electric  
Body Electric is a school of the healing arts committed to helping people experience their potential as healers of self and others through touch, conscious breath, and honoring the wisdom of the body. 

International Professional School of Bodywork IPSB  A very well known and respected massage school.

Foundation for Human Enrichment - Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Mankind Project 

New School of Erotic Touch - Great information and a few tutorials. Several articles about Taoist Erotic Massage. Also offering online courses on Sacred Sexuality.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine  For the study of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, integrative medicine and massage therapy and Holistic Health.

Upledger Institute  Many advanced modalities. This is where I really picked up skills and fell in love with massage and body work. Fl and many other cities around the world.