Integrative Therapy for the Body, Mind and Spirit


Tantric Therapy and Sacred Intimacy

Tantric Massage

Forget the outside world allow yourself to relax and let go to enjoy a truly intimate journey.

 The goal of Tantric massage is to learn to awaken the body to a heightened state's of awareness and pleasure using Tantric and Taoist tools of Touch, Breath, Sound and Movement.

The massage is therapeutic in nature with a focus on pleasure. We will use use erotic energy to heal and release energy blockages that may exist around the body and the mind.

 The goal is to experience heightened states of pleasure through your whole being- Body, Mind and Spirit.

The invitation here and the intention is to go beyond what we have conditioned our bodies to do and be open to a higher realm of pleasure and peace. You will leave feeling relaxed, enlivened and more connected to your being.

As with all sessions, no two treatments will be the same. If you have specific concerns or challenges regarding sexuality and Intimacy a more focused and intention based Sacred Intimacy session may be what you are looking for.


Sacred Intimacy  

Sacred Intimacy is intended to enhance somatic literacy and emotional facility, allowing the body, heart, psyche and spirit to move towards alignment.

Sacred Intimacy sessions involve touch, talk, and breath work and simple rituals in which we explore area's of the s physical,,emotional or spiritual life.

What you can get from Sacred Intimate Sessions

You can expect to be held in a very safe and loving non judgmental open hearted space to invite you in to feel more comfortable in your body and more confident as sexual being.

This is a guided Experience to connect, bond, and share with an open heart.

And most of all to Enjoy, relaxing deeply and letting go in a safe enviroment.

    Concerns than can be addressed.

    Rapid ejaculation
    Erection difficulty
    Fears around Anal touch and Penetration-Prostate Massage

    Stress and Trauma around sexuality (past issues and hurts)
    Exploring desires and fears
    Inability to relax when being sexual
    Discomfort with connection and Intimacy
    Exploring new self pleasuring skills
    Being Out of touch with your body
    Curious about male to male sexuality

    Wanting to be seen or heard
    Reclaiming erotic energy
    Sexuality and Intimacy for people in 12 step programs
    Compulsive or habitual sexual behavior

    Erotic inhibitions and overcoming shyness
    Becoming more confident sexually
    Asking for what you want - Setting boundaries.
    Saying Yes and NO.
    Learning to give with more confidence
    Integration of sexuality with the Body, Mind and Spirit

    This is just a short list of what can be explored. Give me a call today and we can discuss in more detail what you would like to work on.